Reflecting and Connecting Before the New Year

rosh hashana1

To all our Family and Friends,

May this Rosh Hashana be a year of Good Health, Happiness, Prosperity and PEACE for you and your family.


Celebrating our Eighth Year of Aliyah

It’s been a very long time, since I’ve posted a journal, and before the Yom Tovim seemed like the perfect time to start again.

With many thanks to Hashem, we have started our eighth, happy year of Aliyah.  Reflecting on these past 7 years, makes us ever so grateful that we made Aliyah. Our lives have been so enriched by witnessing the daily miracles we experience in this beautiful and amazing Land.


I Am Israeli

You won’t believe what this man says about being an Israeli Jew.


Monday, of this week, I wrote about our magnificent sunshine and bragged about our weather-

Israel’s Amazing Sunshine

Can you imagine waking up every single day to sunshine?  It doesn’t take much time to adjust to sunshiny days.  The reality of spring and summer weather in Israel,  is that people plan outdoor events knowing full well, that 99.99% of the time, it won’t rain. True, it was a scorching summer, but in all those weeks, only several days, maybe 5 or 6,  clouds floated across the sky.  The weather forecast is always the same; hot, hotter, unchanged, heat advisory,  sunny and hot, hot and humid, and so on.

Unfortunately for Israel, during this period of time we don’t have the necessary rain to put out some of the forest fires that plague us.

…but on Tuesday morning we woke up, to sickly looking skies and no sun!

Dust moves into Israel, bringing high levels of air pollution.

This is a satellite view of Israel under an enormous dust storm. It looks very ominous and believe me it was, and still is.

Unusual Sandstorm

Unusual Sandstorm

This unsuspected  dust storm that descended upon us was dense and thick, and I don’t mean only on the outside.  We had left our windows open at night, and through the night a 1/4 ” of dust settled on everything.  The storm is made up of tiny, microscopic particles of sand, and the house looks like the storm came inside.  Quickly we closed the windows, turned on the air and started sweeping and dusting.  It was everywhere and it is here still. The first day of the storm was so thick that we could not see the house next door!

Below is a picture of  Jerusalem- Many people in the country were wearing masks, or just staying indoors.

dust storm Jer

We continue to be in the midst of a dust storm that has brought a heat wave and high humidity, but at least here in the mountains humidity level is low.

Writing in sand on porch table- day 1

Writing in sand on porch table- day 1

Hopefully by Rosh Hashana we will be past this nonsense, and again the sun will shine!

Today, before Shabbat the sun is peaking through and the sky is a very light blue.


Below is the Real Jerusalem Streets link to some wonderful pictures of Israel preparing for Rosh Hashana.  Enjoy


Dozens of Soldiers to stay on base for Shabbat and Rosh Hashana



Today, my daughter, Nava, received a text from her son.  He and 40 other soldiers who expected to be home for Shabbat and Chag were suddenly required to remain due to a military high alert status. The soldiers were understandably upset, thinking and hoping that they would be spending Rosh Hashana with their families. In order to raise their spirits, Nava’s son asked her to reach out to the Yishuv to see if people wouldn’t mind cooking and baking just a little bit more and donating it to the soldiers to enhance their Shabbat and Chag.  He knew that he could count on the community to open their hearts and homes. And that is exactly what happened.
Nava mobilized her What’s App lists and went to buy food and drinks. She even reached out to neighboring communities receiving phone calls from friends she has not yet met wanting to help.  I emptied out my freezer of all the food I had for meals.

 We are family, a community and of course that’s what we do, we help. The satisfaction I had of immediately being able to help, especially before Rosh Hashana, was overwhelming.  These brave soldiers, who are required to wear high boots, long pants, long sleeve shirts, with knapsacks on their backs, carrying rifles, doing maneuvers in the scorching heat and unrelenting sun, protect us every hour of every day, day in and day out. They deserve our love, praise and respect.  The least we can do, is
supply them some nourishing food!
Last night she delivered 15 huge pizza pies and drinks to the boys.  They were sooooo happy!


Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and Kativa V’chatima Tova

All the best,

Harvey and Vivien


About Vivien

My husband and I made Aliyah 9 years ago and because life is so different and special here, I want to share with my family and friends the highlights of living in the Land of Israel. I hope you enjoy these stories, vignettes, pictures and personal life experiences.
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  1. Reva Van Leeuwen says:

    Thanks Vivien,

    I just shared this with a bunch of friends and relatives. Spread the Zionism, I always say.

    Gmar chatima tova!



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